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Medicare Supplements

The vast majority fit the bill for Original Medicare (Parts A and B) when they turn 65. However, the principles about Medicare qualification and when you can select for Medicare Parts A and B can be muddled. They’re founded on your age but also if you are still working, and whether or not you’re getting Social Security benefits.

Answer these questions to see if you would qualify:

Do you have other insurance to pay for approved expenses not covered by Medicare?

If Answers Yes, then you do not need a Medicare Supplement plan
If answers No, then you do need a Medicare supplement plan.

Do you live close to a Medicare Network-approved Doctor or Hospital that accepts Original Medicare?

If answers Yes, You need a Medicare supplement plan.
If you answer No, You really need a Medicare Supplement plan.

How Does It Work?

With Medicare Parts A and B alone, you are required to pay deductibles and coinsurance for Medicare-provided services. Medicare Supplement Plans are designed to help pay for this cost that you would normally pay out of your own pocket. The cost and benefits will depend on which Medicare Supplement plan you select.

When Do You Qualify?

The ideal time for you to join is during the three months prior to turning 65. However, there are a few special cases. We’ll assist you with understanding Medicare qualification, and when you should join.

Different Types of Coverage

Deductible and Coinsurance amounts for Calendar Years 2021 and 2022

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Medicare Supplements

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