We all know the long loneliness and the only solution is love and love comes in community.” – Dorothy Day

As we enter the winter season during an ongoing global pandemic, the many men and women that live on the streets of Lexington will be left in an even bigger need for shelter and resources. It is for this reason that the Catholic Action Center is undergoing a renovation to provide an *additional* 80 beds for the homeless through their Mother Teresa COVID-19 Shelter.

The Catholic Action Center, founded by Dorothy Day, has been doing its best to fulfill the needs of the needy in the Lexington community since mid-2000 and does not plan to stop any time soon! They are a center of hospitality, safety, and acceptance – providing food, shelter, and connection to other services. The Center recognizes a great need in those who are forgotten from social service systems and they plan to aid them in getting and doing better through the love of their community. Those who arrive at the center are provided with three meals a day, access to basic hygiene supplies, a place to sleep, and plenty of caring people to speak with.

We here at Summit Insurance Group are proud to be a part of the Lexington community and are even prouder to announce that we are supporting the Catholic Action Center in their efforts to spread love and charity to those who need it most – and we want YOU to join us! In order to help the C.A.C. make a difference, we are pledging to donate $10 on your behalf for every referral that you give us. You read that right…$10 for *EVERY* referral. So, how many names can you give to help our community?

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