Money Concepts | Jennifer Quillen

Our Philosophy:
At Money Concepts you are in business for yourself, not by yourself.
Money Concepts is an entrepreneurial based company founded on the principle of true ownership. This means that all Money Concepts Centers are independently owned and operated, with “YOU” being the central focus of everything we do. Our corporate philosophy is based on five key pillars:
We pledge soundness and honesty in all our dealings with clients and companies with whom we affiliate.
We regard all associations as a trust and give our total attention to the best interest of our clients, now and in the future.
We insist that all arrangements must work equally well for all parties in both human and financial terms.
We will not associate ourselves with products or services we cannot believe in and use with pride and integrity.
We will constantly be alert to changes in markets, products, regulations, and the economy for the opportunities they may create.
We believe in the power of the “can do” spirit of private enterprise . . . owning your business is a bold and difficult task, but a worthwhile venture. At Money Concepts you not only own your business by contract but also receive substantial support and direction.